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Use of Romanticism in Development of Characters in The...

Use of Romanticism in Development of Characters in The Scarlet Letter In Hawthornes revered novel The Scarlet Letter, the use of Romanticism plays an important role in the development of his characters. He effectively demonstrates individualism in Hester to further our understanding of the difficulties of living in the stern, joyless world of Puritan New England. It is all gloom and doom. If the sun ever shines, one could hardly notice. The entire place seems to be shrouded in black. The people of this society were stern, and repressed natural human impulses and emotions than any society before or since. But for this reason specifically, emotions began bubbling and eventually boiled over, passions a novelist†¦show more content†¦But Hester turns her back on these escape routes. She stays in the settlement, shackled, as if by an iron chain of guilt, to the scene of her crime and punishment. As Hester stands on the scaffold, thinking of her husband, he appears before her startled eyes at the edge of the crowd. And his first gest ure is indicative of the man. Whatever shock or dismay he may feel at seeing his wife on the scaffold he immediately supresses his emotions and makes his face the image of calm. The glance he bends on Hester is keen and penetrative. Here is someone used to observing life rather than participating in it. His is a furrowed visage (43). Chillingworth looks like a man who has cultivated his mind at the expense of another faculties - a perilous enterprise, in Hawthornes view (Loring 187). Where his overbearing intellect will take him, Hawthorne wants us to think that he could be the catalyst for great conflicts later in the novel. Chillingworths finger raised to his lips, commanding Hesters silence, begins a pattern of secrecy that is the mainspring of the novels plot; a secrecy that Hester must maintain in order to protect both her and her husband from the harshness of the Puritans. Hawthornes emphasis on the ability of Chillingworth to analyze the human mind and reasoni ng foreshadows his treatment of Dimmesdale later in the novel. Hawthorne shows that while Hester realizesShow MoreRelatedRomanticism Is Essential to the American Culture954 Words   |  4 PagesRomanticism is essential to the American culture. It was sought out to be the central movement of the American Renaissance, being most mediated through transcendentalism and it continues to influence on American thought and writing. â€Å"Romanticism has very little to do with things popularly thought of as romantic, although love may occasionally be the subject of Romantic art. Rather, it is an international artistic and philosophical movement that redefined the fundamental ways in which people inRead MoreA Brief Biography of Nathaniel Hawthorne856 Words   |  3 PagesAnti-Transcendentalist writer meaning that he had a negative view of all humans. The Anti-Transcendentalist movement was a pessimistic branch of Romanticism and it began in mid 1800s and lasted until late 1800s. Nathaniel Hawthorne was influenced greatly by his childhood, which is what caused him to be an anti-transcendentalist, yet in his novel The Scarlet Letter there was a bridge created between anti-transcendentalism and utopian transcendentalism. The devastation of losing a parent at a young ageRead MoreRomanticism : The Age Of Reason1210 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"To say the word Romanticism is to say modern art - that is, intimacy, spirituality, color, aspiration towards the infinite, expressed by every means available to the arts.† – Charles Bauldaire. Romanticism is a type of style of writing in fine arts and literature that focuses on passion imagination and intuition rather than emphasizing on reason and logic. There are no restraints or order in Romanticism; complete spontaneous actions are welcome in this style of writing. Romanticism, or also knownRead MoreThe Scarlet Letter, By Nathaniel Hawthorne And Herman Melville1387 Words   |  6 Pageswere well acquainted with one another and wrote a series of letters back and forth for a time. Their friendship has been seen as â€Å"one of the most famous in American literary history† (Hayford 435). Both authors have received a lot of attention as two of the more prominent writers of the nineteenth century and their names are often thrown together in criticism of that era. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s most famous novel is likley The Scarlet Letter while Herman Melville is both famous and infamous for theRead MoreSymbolism Of Nathaniel Hawthorne s Scarlet Letter And The Minister s Black Veil 1083 Words   |  5 PagesAlex Rojas Ms. Bacon English IV H 11/3/15 Many dark romantics use symbolism to support the themes in their stories. The themes represented by these symbols tend to represent sin and evil. Like many of his writing counterparts, Nathaniel Hawthorne extensively uses symbolism in several of his major works to explore sin and human nature. The Scarlett Letter, â€Å"Young Goodman Brown† and â€Å"The Minister s Black Veil† are all vivid examples of this exploration and are the focus of this analysis. BeforeRead MoreAnalysis Of Nathaniel Hawthorne s The Birthmark 1262 Words   |  6 Pagessex -- affirmed that the bloody hand, as they chose to call it, quite destroyed the effect of Georgiana s beauty, and rendered her countenance even hideous.† (Hawthorne). The idea of romanticism detailed interpretation of nature and its various forms of beauty. As a Romantic author of the Gothic period, Hawthorne uses these details to impress upon Georgina’s individualism in view of light versus darkness, and marks her difference from the rest of the society. However, as Aylmer gets more and moreRead MoreNathaniel Hawthorne s The Mind1900 Words   |  8 PagesOld Manse in Concord, Massachusetts. Later into their successful marriage the decided to move to Salem, the Berkshires, then to The Wayside in Concord. Nathaniel Hawthorne was known for many of his writings but the most popular had to be The Scarlet Letter which was published in 1850, followed by a succession of other novels as well. Nathaniel Hawthorne was a very successful writer, his writing consists of many elements like abnormal psychology, dreams, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophreniaRead MoreSymbolism in the Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allen Poe1655 Words   |  7 PagesProspero whose town is being plagued by the dreaded Red Death. He attempts to avoid the plague by inviting 1,000 of his closest friends, all of which are variably different, to isolate themselves in his palace. Throughout the story, Poe frequently uses symbolism to depict the theme of the Red Death. Poe was a master of the English language and even laid hints to the overall theme of the story with simple symbolic phrases. At one point he describes the rooms as densely packed and in them beat feverishlyRead MoreThe History of American Literature3501 Words   |  15 PagesAmerican literature and eventually provided material for American fiction. While still religious in tone and purpose, captivity narratives emphasized the experiences of individuals. They also incorporated many of the fundamentals of fiction, making use of characters, dramatic action and setting. The Salem witch trials of 1692 were another period in early American history that affected literature. As accusations of witchcraft in a Massachusetts town resulted in the execution of 14 women and 6 men, CottonRead MoreLeaves And Survivor Essay2472 Words   |  10 Pageswas the single most important progenitor of the modern novel.† ( ) The development of the realistic novel owes much of its elements to Don Quix ote. ( ) The major seventeenth-century philosophers, Descartes and Locke, were a huge influence on the new form of literature. They taught the importance of individual experience and believed that reality could be discovered through them. ( ) Another prominent figure in the development of the novel is Daniel Defoe with Robinson Crusoe and Moll Flanders. He

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The City Limits A .R .Ammons -

Question: Select only one poem to write about - choose from Charles Simic, James Wright, A.R Ammons, or Yusef Komunyakaa. Please choose a poem other than the one we discussed in class. Step 1: Write the poem out as it appears - please provide this in the actual discussion board. Physically writing out a text can help a reader to gain a better understanding to the details, the decisions in the construction of the poem, the language, to consider the words, diction, tone, sound. Step 2: provide a close analysis of the poem you have chosen. First: consider several things: how the speaker functions in the poem (for example, think of the personae in Jericho Brown's poem, compared to the direct "I" in James Wright's, or the strange, omnipotent formula with which Charles Simic approaches 'Tapestry' ); consider the setting of the poem - both its sense of time and place, and how much these do or do not provide significance to the piece; consider the tone of the poem, desribe it - its style of language, its word choices, its rhetoric - is it emotional, logical, ethical, political? - consider also how much this tone effects the mood of the overall piece (recall us using adjectives like downtrodden, bold, dark, bitter, destructive to desribe Jericho Brown's 'Summertime'); of course, each poem is different, some providing more reason to consider the above-mentioned things, while others not so much - thus, you DO NOT need to write about ALL these things if you believe t hey are not significant in the overall experience of the poem; the main goal in this writing assignment is to discuss your interpretation of what the poem is about, and how the several above-mentioned things (speaker, setting, tone, sound, structure) help the poem in achieving its interpretive meaning(s) andoverall effect. When you consider the radiance, that it does not withhold itself but pours its abundance without selection into every nook and cranny not overhung or hidden; when you consider that birds bones make no awful noise against the light but lie low in the light as in a high testimony; when you consider the radiance, that it will look into the guiltiest swervings of the weaving heart and bear itself upon them, not flinching into disguise or darkening; when you consider the abundance of such resource as illuminates the glow-blue bodies and gold-skeined wings of flies swarming the dumped guts of a natural slaughter or the coil of shit and in no way winces from its storms of generosity; when you consider that air or vacuum, snow or shale, squid or wolf, rose or lichen, each is accepted into as much light as it will take, then the heart moves roomier, the man stands and looks about, the leaf does not increase itself above the grass, and the dark work of the deepest cells is of a tune with May bushes and fear lit by breadth of such calmly turns to praise Answer: The City Limits A .R .Ammons The City Limits by A. R. Ammons has a similarity with the other poems wriiten by him or the thematic genre of poetry followed by the poet and that is of exploring the uneasy relationship and association that exists in the daily life between the modern civilization that has been established and developed by the human kind and the natural world that is there (Ammons, 1990). This particular poem centers the argument that it is in fact possible for nature to hold the paradoxical situations mentioned by the poet and still be stable at the same time. At first the description given by the poet seems to be unreal and does not at all fit or go together for example when the solidity of the bones of the birds is put just beside the insubstantial nature of the sunlight (Bloom, 1986). The images put together that are so inconsistent with each other can be said to be the various secrets of the human heart that exists with all the other opposing things in the whole world. With the progression in the poem, the reader can easily find how the concentration or focus of the poem moves towards the opposites that can be seen in nature around us in a world where modern civilization exists in stark contrast to that of the natural world around us. There are many variations that can be found in this particular poem. The phrase when you consider used by the poet has been used to denote different meanings and to explore different situations at the different positions and places of the poem. This is what intrigues the reader to go into the depth of the poem and understand the poem by understanding the logic behind the usage of the language in this manner. In the fifth line, the poem comes up with the image of the birds bones and this is what triggers the mixing of the sensory images as it brings together the sound of bones which were mentioned in the fourth line and the way in which this particular sound would exist within the visual boundary of the realm of light. References: Ammons, A. (1990).The really short poems of A.R. Ammons. New York: W.W. Norton. Bloom, H. (1986).A.R. Ammons. New York: Chelsea House Publishers.

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Kennedy Assassination Essays - Single-bullet Theory,

Kennedy Assassination Adolf Hitler, the Nazi dictator of Germany during World War II, once said, "The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it." Although this may sound ludicrous, we can see many example of this in the world's history. One example would have to be the John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassination. For over thirty years the people of the United States were led to believe that a single gunman shot and killed Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963, at 12:30 p.m... However, in this paper, I will dispute the ancient analization of the facts that show a single gunman was involved, and try to show that a conspiracy must have been present.According to the old facts regarding the case of the JFK assassination, Kennedy was killed by a single gunman. On November 22, 1963, at 12:30 p.m. CST (Central Standard Time),Kennedy was riding in an open limousine through Dallas, Texas. At this time, Kennedy was shot in the head and neck by a sniper. He was then taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital,where he was pronounced dead. Later, police arrested Lee Harvey Oswald, a former U.S. Marine, at a nearby theater. By the next morning, Oswald was booked for the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Two days later, Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner, while he was being moved from the city to the county jail. At a glance, the above story sounds as if this should be an open-and-shut case. After all, according to the facts above, Oswald must have killed Kennedy. However, you must take a deeper look into this case. Many people who witnessed the murder of John F. Kennedy dispute the facts above, saying that they heard shots from places besides the book depository, and other things that may contradict what is stated above. One of these witnesses, Abraham Zapruder, captured the entire assassination on his Bell and Howell eight millimeter movie camera. This movie, cleverly called the Zapruder Film,is the single best piece of visual evidence in this case. In order to more clearly understand the Zapruder Film, it is necessary to break it down into frames. The particular Bell and Howell movie camera that Zapruder was using ran at eighteen and three-hundredths (18.3) frames per second. When using this frame system, you must remember that all shots were actually fired several frames before the number that is assigned to them. For example, the fatal heard wound, called Z313, was probably fired at Z310, since it took 2-3 frames at 18.3 frames per second for the bullet to reach the victim. Also, you must remember that sound travels at about one thousand-one hundred(1,100) feet per second, or a little over half as fast as the Mannlicher Carcano's bullets. When keeping this in mind, it is expected that witnesses heard the shot at some point after the bullet passed. The following shows a break down of the frames of the Zapruder film: - The Presidential limousine first comes into view at frame 133 (the starting point of this timeline.) - The first shot at (or just before) Z187 would have passed through both Governor Connally and the President. - The second shot, which passed above the limousine at Z284, missed the President and hit the curb near witness James Tague. This caused his minor wound. - At Z313, the fatal shot occurs, which blew out major portions of the Presidents brain and skull. - A fourth shot occurred at Z323 (slightly 1/2 second after the fatal wound at Z313). Due to the proximity of this report to the one at Z313, as well as it's more distant origin, most witnesses were unable to hear this shot. Thus, the above is when the bullets hit either Kennedy or Connelly, or passed through the frames of the Zapruder film (in the case of the second shot). Of the one-hundred seventy-eight (178) witnesses at Daley Plaza, one-hundred thirty-two 132) said that they hear exactly three shots. If Oswald was a single gunman, it would have taken him at least 2.3 seconds to reload his Mannlicher Carcano rifle. However, the general consensus of the witnesses is that they heard a single shot, followed by silence, with the second and third shots bunched together. For example, Lee Bowers, one of the witnesses, testified, "I heard three shots, one, then a slight pause, then two very close together." Also, Warren W. Taylor, a Secret Service agent, said, "As a matter of course, I opened the door and prepared to get out of the car.

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Professional Design Helped Me Through the Wild West of Indie Publishing

Professional Design Helped Me Through the Wild West of Indie Publishing How Professional Design Helped Me Through the Wild West of Indie Publishing Adam Bender's debut novel takes place in the Wild West. According to him, the landscape of self-publishing bears some similarities with that setting. In this article, he talks about how professionals  helped him design his book and successfully navigate this new territory. Mark sent me a draft of the interior and asked me to scan for problems. It looked great, but we went through a few rounds weeding out little imperfections. He responded quickly and in days we had a PDF ready for printing. He then helped me convert the print book into an eBook fit for a Kindle. This isn’t as simple as sticking the print version into an app and clicking â€Å"Change to eBook.† Some elements had to be simplified to work for digital reading. There were a few bugs, including some issues related to page breaks and spacing, but Mark quickly sorted them out. I was just glad it wasn’t me poring over the code!The pride you feel when your book looks 100% professional? PricelessThe Wanderer passed a big first test when I received the proof of the paperback. The first thing I thought when I saw Ben’s cover was, â€Å"Hey, this actually looks like a book I’d want to read!† And when I opened it up, it looked like a real book too! I could se e that the work of my diligent editors, Rachel Gluckstern and Jim Spivey, and Mark’s clean layout had been worth the investment.Soon afterward, I scored a starred review from Kirkus Reviews and five-star ratings from five separate critics who reviewed the novel early on Readers’ Favorite. I couldn’t have done that without my gang of Reedsy collaborators. "This new frontier of self-publishing can often feel a little like the Wild West."  @WatchAdam Not only did using Reedsy pay off for this novel, but the professional relationships I’ve built will continue to be valuable down the road. Even after finishing their jobs, my collaborators have been available for advice, and they’ve helped spread the word. Next time I venture out into the self-publishing frontier, it’s heartening to know I won’t be riding alone.The Wanderer and the New West is available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle!  Please share your thoughts, experiences, or any questions for Adam Bender in the comments below!

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Regulation of Physiological Process by Thyroid Hormones Essay

Regulation of Physiological Process by Thyroid Hormones - Essay Example On the other hand, each function may be controlled by several hormones, which act in concert. The secretion of the hormones in a normal human being is mainly based on negative feedback control, most of which involves the hypothalamic-pituitary axis that detects changes in the concentration of hormones secreted by peripheral endocrine glands. The hormones may also be secreted in response to changes in a controlled variable (Nussey & Whitehead 2001). The following examples illustrate as to how hormones regulate physiological function. The thyroid hormones, namely, thyroxine (T3) and tri-iodothyronine (T4) are secreted by the thyroid gland. They stimulate the oxygen consumption of most of the cells of the body, help in the regulation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, and are essential for normal growth and maturation. The thyroid hormones enter the cells after which T3 binds to the thyroid receptors in the nuclei. T4 binds, but not avidly. The thus formed hormone-receptor complex then binds to DNA via zinc fingers and affects the variety of different of different genes that code for enzymes which regulate cell function. The main physiological effect of thyroid hormones is calorigenic action (Ganong 2003). The hormones increase oxygen consumption of most of the tissues in the body except brain, testes, uterus, lymph nodes, spleen and anterior pituitary. The hormones also increase the metabolism of fatty acids. Due to increased calorigenic action, nitrogen excretion is increased and endogenous protein and fat st ores are metabolized, which may lead to weight loss. The hormones also cause hepatic conversion of carotene to vitamin A. Other functions include an increase in cardiac output by direct action on the heart and also by activating heat dissipation mechanisms. The pulse pressure and heart rate are also increased, thus shortening circulation time. In the central nervous system, the thyroid hormones increase the responsiveness of the brain tissue to catecholamines, thus activating the reticular activating system. The hormones also affect brain development and reflexes. They increase the rate of absorption of carbohydrate from the gastrointestinal tract.

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Define what art is Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Define what art is - Essay Example It is a weapon, a massive protest and a huge platform for revelation and revolution. Exploring the meaning of art as it appeals to a connoisseur is difficult but not always beyond comprehension. The essay attempts to identify, examine and explore few such intricate subtleties associated with the mighty term called â€Å"art†. In determining various approaches regarding the definition of art, first it is essential to judge the general view about the term. Generally, the term ‘art’ stands for a process or it can be denoted as a product which is intentionally arranged in an order with specific elements that will appeal and affect human senses or emotions. Art encompasses a diversified and a wide range of human activities pertaining to myriad creations and mode of expression. The canon of art includes many activities included in various spheres of artistry such as music, literature, film, sculpture and paintings among others. The definition of art has become considerably critical during the 20th century. Traditionally, art had been considered as a medium to make money or a device for amusement. Another traditional aspect of art is that the term exclusively refers to any â€Å"skill or mastery†. The concept of art transformed during the romantic period. During this period the perspective towards art completely changed and the term was viewed as â€Å"a special faculty of the human mind to be classified with religion and science† (The Gombrich Archive, â€Å"Press statement on The Story of Art†) The critical evaluation of art came into being during the Twentieth century. Scholar and artist, Richard Wollheim, envisaged three different approaches regarding the concept of art. Wollheim envisioned that art can be posited in three different paradigms namely ‘Realist Position’, ‘Objectivist Position’ and ‘Relativist Position’. These perspectives and distinguishing connotation undoubtedly helps in better understanding of the term.

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Consulting for a struggling firm Essay Example for Free

Consulting for a struggling firm Essay Introduction All organizations in the modern society are faced with challenges in economic management. As a psychologist working for a consultation firm, I meet a CEO in dire need of help on future sustainability of works on stress management, diversity and motivation. Therefore, this paper seeks to analyze how the various challenges in the workplace can be mitigated so as to increase efficiency. Stress management Stress refers to a situation in which one feels pressure and cannot cope with it successfully, and results in varied physical, mental and emotional reactions. Stress management thus refers to techniques and therapies often with the aim of controlling a person’s levels of stress. In an organizational context the manager is charged with the responsibility for ensuring that each employee can work without pressure. Stress is common in very many workplaces, employees and the managers both experience stress. In workplaces, stress is often caused by lack of communication, career and job ambiguity, financial stress, personal stress, interruptions and strictness by the managers and poor working conditions. Stress management is important in a firm, in this case a firm that is struggling and needs to pull through. Work stress in this case is an important issue because it has financial impacts on the business, it is also important on legal obligations and organizational effectiveness. Practice of stress management in companies helps in the efficiency of the organization as the employees are able to know their roles thus doing tasks efficiently and thus making the organization effective, the employee’s working conditions are improved also,   as stress management helps to identify some of the problems that the employees suffer. Stress management boosts the morale of the workers as they are able to work with ease; it also ensures that equal opportunities in terms of promotion and training are given out fairly (Ivanko, 2013). In a situation that employees have been laid off, and some are remaining in the organization, those remaining are affected, and they develop stress. The type of situation can be achieved by applying ways of managing stress. One way would be to encourage the remaining employees to adopt a positive attitude and mindset towards their stress. Another way would be to emphasize on acceptance that some things cannot change; once something has happened we should accept and move on. Creation of time for recreation would also help to alleviate stress among employees; alterations of situations can also be an excellent remedy in doing away of stress. After layoffs the firm can rebuild by assessing and looking at the weaknesses and failures and try to address them, the organizational structure should also be changed, the employee’s working conditions and problems should also be addressed. A market research should be done to ensure that the requirements of the clients are identified, and more sensitization in terms of advertising should be done to get more clients and popularize the firm. Motivation Motivation in a firm often refers to an act of providing a reason to act in a particular manner. It can also refer to internal and external factors that stimulate and give desire to perform a task or job continually. Motivation is relevant to solving most problems in firms, it borrows a lot from   Ã‚  psychology, knowledge of work psychology is critical to the use of motivation. Motivation of workers is essential in building relationships with coworkers, improvement of production, time management among others things. The motivation of employees contributes to growth and development of the organization. In a situation whereby some workers have been laid off motivation can be used to enable the remaining workers to work harder and lift the body. Some of the ways of motivating employees include: increasing salaries of workers, creating   safe and friendly environment for the workers, recognizing and rewarding those employee’s that perform, developing good relations with workers, use of food as incentives, holidays to performing employee, introducing overtime in which the employees are paid for working for extra hours (Ivanko, 2013). This kind of measures can be taken in instances where there has been a laid off of workers as this helps the remaining workers to heal and ensure that the organization becomes more fruitful and able to cope with market dynamics. Diversity Diversity can take many forms; it includes differences in race, ethnic identity, gender, education, socio-economic levels and sexual orientation. The amount of diversity in organizations is often increasing; thus the need to manage diversity is essential. The number of aging workers is growing and there are more people from diverse backgrounds. In most organizations today, there are an increasing number of joint ventures, mergers and strategic alliances uniting people from different organizations and cultures. Handling diversity is an important obligation of leaders in contemporary times. A leader has to find the balance between promoting diversity and building a strong organizational culture. Managing diversity is important as it ensures creativity and innovation among the workers, it also helps in forming and maintaining better interpersonal relationship between workers, managing of diversity performance of the people for the value of all shareholders, it also helps in recruiting and retaining of employees (Bogda L. , 1998). Organizations have very many people of different backgrounds, in a case where the group has decided to lay off some workers; it’s of importance that the leader manages diversity for the remaining workers. Diversity can be accomplished by the following: by explaining the benefits of diversity to the organization, encouraging and other people who seek to promote tolerance of diversity, discouraging use of stereotypes to describe other members of the group, promoting respect for individual differences. Leaders can organize training programs that seek a better understanding of diversity problems and cultural differences and how to respond to them in the workstation. Conclusively, there is often a moment that an organization struggles and adverse measures are taken to laying off of employees. The body can bounce back by using motivation, stress management and managing diversity this would help in healing and development of a successful organization. References Bogda, L. (1998). Diversity and Organizational Change. Retrieved December 12, 2014, from Ivanko, S. (2013, September). Organizational Behaviour. Retrieved December 12, 2014, from